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Reduced fertilisation requires new expertise

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The regional office for agriculture (LfL – Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft) and the state working committee for fertiliser (Landesarbeitskreis Düngung -LAD*) Bavaria organised the Weichering conference on 20 October 2019. The conference served as an exchange and discussion platform for current topics in the field of fertiliser for over 170 participants of the plant production consultation – among which was DOMO Caproleuna.

Effects of reduced fertilisation and economic consequences

The conference’s main focus questioned what the consequences may be of reduced fertilisation for all parties. The imminent, fresh amendment of the fertiliser ordinance – above all in red zones – earmarked the reduced of fertilisation on a grand scale. Crops would presumably need to be cultivated subject to demand values in future. The institute of agro-economy of the LfL presented test results of the last few years and an economic assessment. In grain cultivation, quality loss would influence the marketing in future as a priority and above all in root crops would be reflected in root crops in a decline in yield with a defective phosphorous supply.

Crop production and ecological effects

Prof. Appel from the Bingen University of Applied Sciences explained the consequences of reduced fertilisation with regard to nitrogen and phosphorous. His conclusion showed that in future, it will not be possible to produce baking wheat everywhere and more precise knowledge about the nutrient content of the soils will be indispensable. An increase in the nutrient efficacy is an important criteria of new fertilising strategies. The developments stretch from changing the product pallet, new production methods through to new consultation strategies. There was subsequently a lively discussion about the significance of testing in line with all areas. Above all, the communal recognition of results is of great importance.

Implementation of fertiliser ordinance and outlook on 2020

Dr. Wendland and Mr. Sperger on the part of the LfL rounded off the programme. One thing was clear – the changes require a huge workload in terms of consultation. In doing so, we at the company DOMO, as a long-standing LAD member, would gladly be available with our specialist advice. (Susanne Reichert)

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