DOMOGRAN® 45 – because vitality is just as essential

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By 2050, the world population is set to grow to nine billion people. To be able to feed the rapidly growing human race is a huge challenge for agriculture. The United Nations (UN) estimates that foodstuff production will need to increase by 70 percent by the middle of the century. One billion people are currently going hungry. To that effect, agriculture must exploit all options to increase yield. As areas for cultivation are limited worldwide, improved access to mineral fertilisers, modern seeds and targeted plant protection options open up sustainable ways in which to increase production.

DOMOGRAN supplies the plant with two important nutrients

For plants to really thrive they need the right nutrients. An over or under-supply leads to increased vulnerability to diseases and growth disorders. Mineral fertilisers, like DOMOGRAN, supply plants with the necessary nutrients in the correct quantities at the correct time – for more vitality. Correctly dosed fertiliser also influences the quality of the yield, such as the flavour, nutritional content and suitability for further processing. If, for example, wheat is insufficiently supplied with nitrogen and sulphur, the quality of the “gluten” is impaired and this determines its baking quality.

Mineral fertilisers as part of the “Critical Nutrition Infrastructure”

Subject to these difficult framework conditions, the agriculture and food industry stands before the task of continuing to reliably supply the population with foodstuff and is therefore to be classified as system-relevant and critical infrastructure. The guidelines for the definition of the phrase “Critical Nutrition Infrastructure”, compiled by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, show the importance of foodstuffs in times of crisis. All of the federal states are instructed to make this non-binding recommendation available to the responsible authorities. Included in critical nutrition infrastructure, is for example: food retail businesses, drugstores, collection and delivery services in the field of foodstuff, foodstuff manufacturers, agricultural operations and many more.

As a manufacturer of mineral fertiliser, DOMO falls under the category of “primary production and support services”, which explicitly includes fertilisers.

Dr. Manfred Hudetz, President of the German agrochemical industry association (IVA) makes it clear how the Corona crisis has made consumers aware of the system relevance of domestic agriculture. “We are dependent on a strong basic supply of self-sufficient, regional agriculture. This in turn requires functioning logistics, agricultural trading on site, reliable access to operating resources such as seeds, fertiliser and plant protection products”, Hudetz continued.
DOMO is aware of their responsibility and continues to produce fertiliser for agriculture. DOMO makes their contribution – particularly in these times.


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