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New website, new ideas. We would like to present both of our sales representatives, Susanne Reichert and Andreas Böbe, to you. We asked what fascinates them both about the job, what distinguishes their fields of application and what the future holds for agriculture. Susanne Reichert begins – Customer Advisor for Fertiliser in South Germany.

What links you to agriculture?

Agriculture has accompanied me through my childhood and animal husbandry my grandparents. As a result, I have a great understanding of the matters that concern us and I still have a great connection to the farmers.

Where do the particulars lie in South Germany?

The structures in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are very different. The landscape is likewise as diverse as the predominant soil types and climate conditions. Additionally, there is a great spectrum of cultivated crops within individual regions, an individually adapted fertilising strategy on a small-scale is necessary.

What do you like most about your job?

The versatility of the fertiliser advice and the testing with DOMOGRAN®, a tried and tested, universally applicable fertiliser. The product excites me because of its broad effect, high quality and production in Germany which is rich in tradition. In addition to this, the work is very exciting and diverse in all areas.

What do you place particular value on?

Choosing the correct fertiliser for an operation is dependent on a number of factors. DOMOGRAN® is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is important for me to provide the optimal application and to consider the features of the region. Among this is the transfer of information about new research knowledge.

What is currently changing in agriculture?

Agriculture is subject to constant change. However, the political and business debates are accelerating the structural change and also taking care of a lack in junior staff. Additionally, the sustained dryness, above all in the early summer, requires new cultivation-technical strategies. No year in agriculture is the same as another – every year in the various regions we face new challenges. Individual solutions have to be applied.

Fertiliser ordinance – what must farmers adapt to?

The fertiliser ordinance, which came into effect recently, will shortly be amended again. Demand values and fertilising times continue to be restricted. The nutrient efficacy is becoming even more important, the selection of appropriate fertilising form for the location and the respective crop will play an even greater role.

What do you hope for with the new DOMOGRAN® website and blog?

The website should provide a perfect overview of DOMOGRAN®’s versatile application spectrum, and demonstrate the mode of action and features our products linked to this. With the blog, I am hoping for clear, up-to-date and fundamental information concerning agriculture. The blog should also act as an information platform for news and activities from inside DOMO.

We would like to thank you for the interview!

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